Wall Stickers For Home

Our colourful bunting, magical stars, clock wall stickers with working quartz mechanisms, chandeliers and portraits are the perfect way to decorate your walls in all living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and hallways.

Our hand finished wall stickers are easy to fit, supplied with full instructions and a free application squeegee. All of our products are designed and made by us, are fully removable, and are available in our full range of colours.

Bunting wall stickers in vinyl

Bunting Wall Stickers £18.00

Candlestick vinyl wall stickers

Candlestick Wall Stickers £20.00

Chandelier wall sticker above a Dining Table

French Chandelier Wall Sticker £45.00

Heart shaped vinyl wall stickers

Heart Wall Stickers £16.00

Silver polka dot wall stickers in a bathroom

Polka Dot Wall Stickers £14.00

Bunting wall stickers in five vinyl colours

30 Bunting Wall Stickers in 5 Colours £30.00

Antique bracket clock vinyl wall sticker

Antique Clock Wall Sticker £75.00

Big Ben vinyl wall stickers

Big Ben Clock Wall Sticker £75.00

Remember Blackboard Vinyl Sticker

Blackboard Wall Sticker £25.00

Bowler hat and moustache clock wall sticker

Bowler Hat & Moustache Clock Wall Sticker £44.00

Christmas bauble vinyl wall stickers

Christmas Bauble Wall Stickers £16.00

Festina Lente - Hurry Slowly - vinyl wall sticker clock

Festina Lente Clock Wall Sticker £49.00