Star Wall Sticker Packs

We make our beautiful star shaped wall stickers in assorted sizes ranging from 2cm up to 20cm and in all of our 30 vibrant colours. Some of our packs contain a variety of sizes, some are sets of stars that are all the same size. 

These star stickers are an ideal decoration for a nursery, bedroom or any room in the house. They stick well to doors and woodwork, painted walls, the ceiling or any flat surface, and are easily removable.

If you don't see what you'd like, just ask!

Gold star stickers on a white wall

100 Star Wall Stickers £16.00

Sheet of 12cm star wall stickers in vinyl

12cm Star Wall Stickers £20.00

Sheet of 5cm star wall stickers in gold vinyl

5cm Star Wall Stickers £18.00

Sheet of 7cm vinyl wall stickers

7cm Star Wall Stickers £20.00

Sheet of large star wall stickers

Big Star Wall Stickers £25.00

Medium sized star shaped vinyl wall stickers

Medium Star Wall Stickers £20.00

Sheet of mini star wall stickers

Mini Star Wall Stickers £5.00