Removing Wall Stickers

Removing Wall Stickers

Can I remove the wall stickers?

We hope that you will enjoy your wall sticker for many years, but should you wish to remove it to change your design or re-decorate the room there should be no problem as our wall stickers are fully removable, and will not cause any damage.

If the room is cold, we recommend gently warming the surface with a low temperature setting on a hair-dryer before gently peeling away from a corner, keeping the removed section as close to the wall as possible as this limits wall damage.

With some wall surfaces, it is sometimes possible that a small amount of the adhesive will remain on the wall. This can be removed by washing with soapy water, decorator's sugar soap, or gently wiping with nail polish remover (do always test a small area first).

Any remaining marks or light discolouration may need a light touching up with paint.