Fitting Wall Stickers

Fitting Wall Stickers

How do I fit vinyl wall stickers?

Every order of our easy to fit wall stickers is sent with a free application squeegee and an instruction sheet, so applying them to a wall is really straightforward.

The key thing is to position the product on the wall exactly where you would like it, fixed with masking tape at the corners. Stand back, have a good look and be sure, it is still easy to level it or move it to the side. Once you remove the backing paper it will be much harder and near impossible!

The gold and silver metallic vinyls have pigments which make the vinyl less conformable than the standard colour range. Unless the wall is really very smooth there can be issues, especially in times of cold weather. if you do find they are not sticking well, we recommend to use a hair dryer on hot, when the wall sticker is on the wall using your squeegee as well, as per the instruction sheet. This will help to activate the adhesive for a more secure fit.

You will also need:

Masking tape
Spirit Level (optional)

What can I apply wall stickers to?

Vinyl wall stickers stick best to a flat, clean, dry and dust free surface painted surface. They also stick well to glass and mirrors, although more care will need to be taken to avoid air bubbles. We do not recommend that wall stickers are applied to wallpapers or textured finishes such as wood chip or artex.

What if I've just painted the walls? 

If your wall is freshly painted, please allow sufficient time for the paint to fully cure, we recommend leaving it for 3-4 weeks so that the paint layers are fully bonded to the wall underneath. Otherwise the paint may stick better to the stickers than to the wall, and removal of the wall sticker may well remove paint as well!

Our instruction sheets 

All of our orders are packed with the relevant instruction sheets, but you can also download a selection of them here:

Download our Clock Wall Sticker fitting instructions
Download our Big Ben Clock fitting instruction sheet
Download our Name Wall Sticker instruction sheet