About Us

About Us

In the Bloobry Office

Ben & Lisa

Bloobry is owned and run by Ben and Lisa Palmer. Between us we have backgrounds in IT (which really helped with setting up the website) and art & design (which helped with our products) and in retail and customer service, both of which help every day!

Our business

Our company is called Plmrs Ltd, a contraction of our name, and we are very much a family business. We work mostly from home and make all of our own designs and products, and although the kitchen table sees a lot of what we do, we also have a studio in our garden and a warehouse - so we promise not to spill sauce on anything we make!

Our children

As a truly family business, when our children aren't doing their homework they can often be found helping us out, and they are both always full of good ideas and constructive comments. They make marvellous models, and love trying our designs out on their bedroom walls. Our daughter is experimenting with new designs for us, some of which you may well see soon!

Our products

We care about what we make, and would love to hear from you, before or after you order. Hopefully you will be delighted with our products, but if ever this isn't the case we promise to take your comments very seriously and we will improve upon what we do.